Chris Barraclough is a broke-arse award-winning crime author and tech/games journalist from the UK. Adopt him now for just £10, for which you'll get a glossy photo and obscene drunken love letters scrawled in crayon on the back of a Wispa wrapper.

Chris' debut novel Bat Boy, a tongue-in-cheek mystery thriller following a blind boy's hunt for his estranged father, won the UK Authors Prize 2011 and was published by UKA Press, gathering fantastic reviews from critics and readers around the world. His other crime thrillers, including the best-selling Twin Towers Estate series, have been highly commended in global novel competitions, and can be bought for mere pence/cents for your Kindle.

You can Follow Chris on Twitter, for special discounts and freebies, as well as random mutterings. Also check out his Official Blog where he moans about how bloody hard it is to be a broke-arse author.

The Journalism Stuff

When he's not locked in his study with a bottle of Bells and his laptop, Chris is the Editor of Recombu Mobile. Recombu is a tech site dedicated to helping you find your perfect mobile, and get the most out of it, with friendly, helpful advice. Check out Recombu on YouTube.

Chris also writes for Game Debate, an awesome PC gaming site, and occasionally bashes out theater/cinema reviews for The Void.

Before Recombu, Chris used to write for TechRadar, T3, Mobile Choice, Big Picture Magazine and more. Links to these articles can still be found in the Archive. It's like a terrifying portal to the distant past, most of which Chris can't remember.

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