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Chris Barraclough is the Director of Seebaruk Media Ltd and the creator/producer of Tech Spurt, one of the biggest UK technology channels on YouTube. Tech Spurt is enjoyed by millions of viewers each month and boasts an active community which loves everything tech related. We cover smartphones, laptops, gaming machines, smart home tech and everything shiny that consumers love – and we actually review it all, instead of just pulling it out of a box and reading from a specs sheet.

In his spare time, Chris occasionally locks himself in a room with a bottle of whisky and a laptop to write some fiction. He won the UK Author Awards for Best Novel for his debut, Bat Boy, while his gritty Twin Towers Estate series was shortlisted for the Page Turner Prize and SpaSpa Prize for Best Psychological Fiction.

Chris’ best-selling crime books can be found on his official Amazon author page. A selection can be found on other platforms too including Apple Books and Kobo.

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The Bitch is Back One

Ella Brownstone wakes in hospital, with no idea of how she got there or who she even is. Returning home, she soon realises that her family harbours some dark and terrible secrets and as she struggles to piece together her past, she finds herself pulled into a world of terrible violence…

The Bitch Is Back Two

The shocking, action-packed conclusion to the best-selling Bitch Is Back series, brought together in one great-value collection…

“Excellent; Hooked the moment I started to read; Absolutely loved it” – reader reviews on Amazon.

Twin Towers Estate: Riot Trilogy

Experience the shocking first three novellas in the Twin Towers Estate thriller series (Crack, Kitty and Smack).

Five Stars for the Twin Towers Estate from Indie Ebook Reviewer: “This is seat-of-the-pants reading, so grab yourself a drink and snack and make yourself comfortable before you start. And remember to breathe occasionally…”

Twin Towers Estate: Gang Wars Trilogy

Experience the epic final three novellas in the Twin Towers Estate crime series (Hero, Villain and Versus).

Ten seconds. That’s how long you have to decide: do you intervene to protect an innocent person from a gang of thugs, or do you look the other way? For Nathan Pang, an ex-cop scraping a living as a security guard, his decision proves devastating…

Devil’s in a Different Dress

A masterfully suspenseful tale of murder and desperation. June 22nd, 1945. A broken band of British soldiers occupy the remains of a southern German town. Tensions are at an all time high, and a brutal, bloody murder could prove the tipping point.

Packed with shocking twists and pitch black humour, Devil’s in a Different Dress is Barraclough’s “most thrilling slice of crime so far”.

Dead Dogs

A suspenseful and darkly humorous crime thriller about murder, revenge and deceased canines.

Mikael’s first experiences of Albania are classroom bullies, urine-streaked war bunkers and mutilated pets. But when his cousin kills a neighbouring boy in a brawl, Mikael finds himself the bewildered victim of a Blood Feud…

Bat Boy

“Fast, funny, riveting…a glorious read”Times Suspense

In Barraclough’s suspenseful tongue-in-cheek debut novel, told from the POV of a blind boy, two brothers are forced to tear across England in search of their long-lost father after a shocking tragedy.

“A great story, beautifully written…an excellent crime book. Once you start you will not stop, I promise you.”Venture Radio

A Desperate Solution

A simple drugs trade turns into the most brutal and bloody massacre in the North East’s recent history, and an opportunity for bent detective Ben Miller to net his team some bonus pay. But breaking the law is never easy, even for those who are paid to uphold it. As the bodies pile up, the survivors of the massacre find themselves fighting for their lives and their freedom…

Twin Towers Estate

Chris Barraclough’s best-selling Twin Towers Estate thriller series has been praised with dozens of 5-star reviews from critics and readers worldwide. You can pick up the entire series in two collections: The Riot Trilogy and The Gang Wars Trilogy. Keep scrolling to check out a sample.

“I enjoyed every minute. Its pace is so frenetic and the events pile up so rapidly, you won’t want to put it down.” – eBookanoid Reviews

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