Bat Boy

“Fast, funny, riveting…a glorious read”Times Suspense 

In Barraclough’s suspenseful tongue-in-cheek mystery novel, two brothers are forced to tear across England in search of their long-lost father, with a mysterious stranger and the police right on their tails. A heart-warming and delightfully playful take on the crime genre, Bat Boy is told by the youngest brother, Joel, who is shy, optimistic and completely blind. Separated from his sibling, can Joel escape the dangerous criminal world he finds himself inadvertently thrust into?

“A great story, beautifully written…an excellent crime book. Once you start you will not stop, I promise you.”Graham Sclater’s Book Review Show, Venture Radio

“A wonderful, gripping thriller, from the first words to the last. Marvellous!”UK Crime Writers

“A fresh and well-voiced novel with a real depth of character. The story really does yomp along but is intriguing from page one.”Holly Howitt, author of The Schoolboy (Cinammon Press)


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“Equal parts silly and suspenseful, this is an excellent mystery novel and the perfect antidote to the winter blues.”UK Authors Reviewer