Dead Dogs

“Dead Dogs” is a suspenseful and darkly humorous crime thriller about murder, revenge and deceased canines. Nominated for the Sony Reader Dylan Thomas Award for best fiction, 4.5 stars on

After moving back to Albania at his father’s behest, Mikael’s first experiences of his new home are classroom bullies, urine-streaked war bunkers and mutilated pets. But when his cousin kills a neighbouring boy in a brawl, Mikael finds himself the bewildered victim of a Blood Feud, targeted by the boy’s grieving relatives for revenge.

Striking up an unlikely friendship with one of the dead boy’s brothers, Mikael discovers the dark mysteries buried in his grandfather’s past, but can he keep his family from self-destruction?

“Barraclough shows us the claustrophobic atmosphere of this awful situation remarkably well. Would recommend to anyone.”eBookanoid Reviews

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“A good book will stay with you long after you have finished reading it. Dead Dogs is one of those books.” – James Wightman