Devil’s in a Different Dress

From the award-winning and best-selling British crime author Chris Barraclough, creator of the internationally acclaimed Twin Towers Estate novellas and the thrilling crime series The Bitch Is Back, comes his third full-length novel, Devil’s in a Different Dress – a masterfully suspenseful tale of murder and desperation.

June 22nd, 1945. A broken band of British soldiers occupy the remains of a disquiet southern German town. Tensions between them and the surviving locals are at an all time high and a brutal, bloody murder could prove the tipping point.

Forced to investigate the case, Captain Adam King struggles to control his team as well as his own personal demons while piecing together the horrifying clues. Packed with shocking twists, black humour and unexpected horror, Devil’s in a Different Dress is Barraclough’s “most thrilling slice of crime so far”.

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“This is seat-of-the-pants reading, so grab yourself a drink and snack and make yourself comfortable before you start. And remember to breathe occasionally…Five Stars.”Indie Ebook Review on the Twin Towers Estate series