The Bitch Is Back Collection Two

From award-winning British crime author Chris Barraclough comes the shocking and action-packed conclusion of his gritty thriller serial: The Bitch Is Back.

Racked with guilt and emotionally scarred by the events since her accident, Ella Brownstone finds herself hunted in a foreign land by her most ruthless enemies yet. Back home, the threat to her family is still far from over, with the surviving Kellys intent on revenge and the obsessive Detective Dermont as determined as ever to crush the family for good…

The Bitch Is Back Collection Two brings together the final three parts of this gritty six-part crime serial, into one great-value Kindle bundle. Also available right now on Kindle is The Bitch Is Back: Collection One.

Check out all of Chris Barraclough’s UK crime thrillers, available now for a great price on Kindle. You can pick up the British crime series ‘The Twin Towers Estate’ in two value-packed compilations: The Riot Trilogy and The Gang Wars Trilogy.

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“A wonderful, gripping thriller, from the first words to the last. Marvellous!”UK Crime Writers