Twin Towers Estate: Gang Wars

Experience the epic conclusion of the critically lauded Twin Towers Estate crime series with the complete Gang Wars Trilogy, from award-winning UK crime author Chris Barraclough. Previously available as Hero (book four), Villain (book five) and Versus (book six), the Gang Wars Trilogy tells the complete story of ex-cop Nathan Pang, who finds himself in the wrong place at the very wrong time.

His son, victimised for his father’s heroic act, and a young girl also trying to protect her family, are drawn into the cut-throat seedy underbelly of the Twin Towers Estate. Their lives clash as the tension builds to a dramatic and violent climax…


From Amazon reviews: “Can’t put down”; “Fantastic read”; “Keeps you gripped to the end”; “Awesome”; “Fast paced, easy to read, gripping book”; “Highly recommended”

Ten seconds.

That’s how long you have to decide: do you intervene when an innocent person is assaulted by a gang of thugs, or do you look away? Pretend nothing’s happening?

For Nathan Pang, an ex-cop scraping a living as a security guard, his decision sends devastating shockwaves through his family’s lives. And when his son is targeted for revenge, he finds himself drawn back to the Twin Towers Estate, where two gangs are on the brink of all-out warfare…


From Amazon reviews: “Awesome”; “Loving every one of them”; “Well worth the five stars”; “Fast paced, easy to read page turner”; “Fantastic read”

Eleven-year-old Poppy wears the trousers in her home, following her father’s downward spiral into depression. But when the criminal gang who reign over Gladstone Tower threaten to destroy her family, Poppy’s decision to fight back leads to violence and terrible tragedy.

With its shocking twists and dark humour, Villain is the most nail-chewing entry yet in the Twin Towers Estate UK crime series…


Finishing the story told in Hero and Villain, ‘Versus’ is the sixth and final action-packed book in the Twin Towers Estate crime thriller series. Racial tensions boil over as the Defence League invades the estate, setting off deadly riots. Amidst the chaos, with the police desperately trying to restore peace, the Disraeli and Gladstone gangs clash in a violent battle that ends in horrific bloodshed…

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From Amazon reviews: “Awesome”; “Loving every one of them”; “Well worth the five stars”; “Fast paced, easy to read page turner”; “Fantastic read”