Publish your Kindle Store ebook Part Five: Published!

Well, it’s been emotional. Right now I’m logged into the Kindle Direct Publishing site (using my normal Amazon logon deets), about to submit Crack to the fountain of untold wealth that is the Kindle Store.

Let’s get it up there

If this is your first time publishing on the Kindle store, you’ll need to click a ‘user details incomplete’ message in the top right corner and fill in your address and how you want to gets your cash moneys.

Once that’s done, go to the dashboard and hit ‘add a new book’ on the bookshelf. Wahhhh, exciting!

More forms??

Okaaaay, after waiting bloody ages for the page to load, I see it’s another big ol’ form. Shocker.

Right, name is easy, but then comes the description. This is the bit you need to think long and hard about, as it’ll play a huge part in swaying potential readers to buy your book. Make it juicy, keep it succinct, and big up your book without sounding like an egotistical mentalist.

Also, I’ve included some bonus content at the back of Crack (that sounds wrong somehow), as an extra incentive to buy – a making of article, interview, sneak peek of my first book etc. I’ve made a quick note of this in the description.

The rest is fairly obvious – choose two best categories to help fans of your genre to find the book, etc. You can also upload your cover, and then the book itself!

You should then (hopefully) get a message saying ‘Upload and conversion successful’.

It’ll cost ya

Not time for a beer just yet though, cos you’ve still got to set the price.

If you want 70% royalties you’ll have to price the book between $2.99 and $200. If you want to charge less, you can only get 35% royalties. However, there are loads of stories out there of authors who sold very few books at $2.99, lowered their price to 99 cents, then sold thousands every month. If people are even vaguely interested in your chosen genre, they’re likely to pick up a book for less than a quid.

Done and done

That’s it! Amazon will publish your book within 24 hours, and then you can enter the murky world of marketing (i.e. begging people to buy your book).

See you next time kiddies, time for that beer…

By the way, if you’re interested,¬†Crack can now be purchased at and

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