Publish your Kindle Store ebook Part Three: Formatting is the Work Of Satan

Right, I’m really bloody effing close to throwing this laptop at the wall right now. And it’s all because of paragraph indentation.

I never thought that something so innocent could break me out in a fit of man-rage, but here I am, chest taut, face red, forehead sore from slamming it repeatedly against the desk.

More lovely conversion

You see, once you’ve saved your .ePub document in Sigil, you then need to convert it to a .mobi file, so it’s recognised by Kindles. You can quickly do this by downloading a free program called Calibre.

With Calibre installed, simply load it up, open your .ePub file, and select the ‘convert’ option. You’ll need to set a couple of options – select ‘Mobi’ as the output type, enter your author and title info, and select ‘Generic e-ink’ under the ‘Page Setup’ menu. You’re then ready to convert.


I ran through all these steps, created my Kindle-ready eBook, and transferred it to my Kindle with all the giddy excitement of a five-year-old on Christmas morn. This pleasure instantly morphed to sheer horror, as if that five-year-old had skipped merrily downstairs hoping to find a brand new bike, and instead found a stocking full of reindeer vomit.

__The first line of every paragraph is

indented by a seemingly random amount,

like in this example.

Some are flush with the margin.

___________________________Others begin

almost at the end of the line.

_________So the end result is a big old

unreadable mess, and a sore forehead for


Kill me now

I’ve tried revisiting my old Word document, reformatting it and doing the whole damn process again, but with the same result. I’m now considering entering ‘code view’ in Sigil and checking all the settings to see what’s up. Either that, or sticking my head in the oven.

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