Second (and final?) Twin Towers Estate thrillers trilogy out!

Gang Wars Cover


My sixth and final Twin Towers Estate book, Versus, has just hit Kindle, and as you might expect if you’ve read the previous books, it’s a tense and bloody finale. To celebrate, you can now grab Hero, Villain and Versus – the full Gang Wars trilogy – on my Amazon store in onegreat-value Kindle trilogy, for just £1.99.

The story began in Hero, where beleagured ex-cop Nathan Pang was faced with a difficult choice: do you intervene when an innocent person is assaulted by a gang of thugs, or do you look away? Pretend nothing’s happening?

For Pang, the decision sends devastating shockwaves through his family’s lives. And when his son is targeted for revenge, he finds himself drawn back to the Twin Towers Estate, where two gangs are on the brink of all-out warfare.

Villain introduced eleven-year-old Poppy, an estate dweller who wears the trousers in her home, following her father’s downward spiral into depression. But when the criminal gang who reign over Gladstone Tower threaten to destroy her family, Poppy’s decision to fight back leads to violence and terrible tragedy.

Their stories come together in Versus, the thrilling and bloody climax, and now you can read the entire tale, with extra bonus chapters and content, in the complete Gang Wars Trilogy.

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