In May 2018, Chris created the Tech Spurt YouTube channel. Tech Spurt was designed to offer expert reviews and analysis of the latest mobile tech, gadgets, games and more, all with something sorely lacking from most tech channels – personality.

A year after creation, Tech Spurt was serving over 100k subscribers and attracting more than three million video views every month. As of 2021, the number of subscribers has flown past half a million and the view count tops five million a month, making Tech Spurt one of the biggest UK tech channels.

Interested in your product being featured on Tech Spurt? You can get in touch using the ‘Contact Us’ box over on the home page. Please note that we receive a high volume of emails every day (I mean, if these were actual letters, we’d have enough paper to build a moderately sized paper fort, which we could then hide inside of until the world stopped being so…well, so much of a weird and scary place), so please bear with us.

You can check out Chris’ work over on the Tech Spurt YouTube channel