The Bitch Is Back, and she’s out on Kindle

Bitch Is Back Cover 5

After two years of writing the best-selling Twin Towers Estate thrillers, I’ve finally moved on to a brand new crime serial. The Bitch Is Back¬†follows Ella Brownstone, a twenty-something girl who wakes up in bad shape in a hospital bed with no idea of how she got there. Her memories are scattered after the crash, but a visit from a shady detective confirms that her family has a dark past. As she discovers the truth behind the Brownstones’ business, she’s pulled into a world of horrific violence and betrayal…

Book One of The Bitch Is Back can be nabbed on Kindle, and Book Two will be following in a couple of months. You can also grab my other crime books over on my Amazon Kindle Store. Cheers guys!

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